Hi-Fi Reactor

A driving and kinetic multi-media production fusing experimental electronic sounds, intricate live music and stunning visuals.
Music is the math of the universe One may use it to traverse spaces Arriving in places tucked deep inside Where only the noble have been known to hide Math of the universe Gases, dust, matter that matters History in light spanning time Spreading, Waves taking form Vibration used to transmutate, and to, generate new- life Exiling Strife through higher states of sight Stirring, folding, birthing, inspiring emotion Emotive In nature, waves, and, vibrations Vibrational waves Emotive Math of the universe Rhythmically plotting courses between stars Intense concentrations of energy Here Nothing is used sparingly, nor, excessively Timing is everything Rhythm Everlasting Contrasting the ear to the heart to the sight to the soul Patterns emerge from the seemingly random Planes That would Otherwise confuse Some Succinct from use of spansive time ...Math of the universe